Heros of Easting

Mission Accomplished?

A slow creep down a corridor to a room where the group was greeted by three Grave Drakes, 4 Tainted Zombies and the leader, an Elite Skeleton Troop Captain.

A fast and furious fight ensued and for awhile it appeared that the group was going to have to back up and come back when a bit fresher.

However, the tide turned when one blow managed to take out three of the zombies at once. From that point forward, it was simply a matter of mopping up.

Once the threat was ended, the group discovered a hostage injured in one corner of the room. Turns out, this is the man the group was seeking……. Now, to find out what else he may know…

A Ghoulish Greeting

Following the trail of what they think is the missing father, our intrepid adventurers stumbled into a room filled with skeletons, ghouls and a wraith.

What followed next can only be described as a comedy of errors wherein the undead took turns wacking themselves (instead of the explorers) and a new group member began his own undead barbecue in one corner of the room.

Eventually, though, the group was up to the challenge and vanquished their foes.

Heros of Easting

Recognized by a young girl as the heros who saved her city, the group was asked to find a father who had gone missing.

They followed a trail out of the city to an abandoned cemetery and further into an abandoned crypt. Once inside, they were attacked by a group of skeletons….. and their controller who vanished as soon as the players were within striking distance.

Missing Merchandise

As the money was running out from the previous adventure, the group was approached by a caravan owner who hired them to discover what had happened to two of his previous caravans headed to Easting.

While accompanying a caravan to Easting, the group fended off attacks from orcs and made it safely to Easting. Once there, the group went back to the location of the attacks on the road to more fully investigate the source of the attacks.

They found the source, a clearing and cave complex which housed some 18 orcs. With the help of a band of Elven rangers, the group dispersed the orcs, recovered the missing wagons and returned to Easting.

From Whence We Came

An outgrowth of the The Elder Elemental Eye encounter, this campaign is set in the Forgotten Realms Campaign setting.

After successfully rooting out the source of the Lesser Abyssal Plague in the city of Easting, the group returned to the city of Iriaebor to rest (and collect their reward)


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